Can I Create an Entryway (Including Bench, Shelf and Hooks) for Under $10?

I knew I wanted to create a pretty entryway for our new home. But my budget was And even with that non-number, I went a tad over budget. :-)

But not too shabby for $10, right?

Find out how I did it step-by-step...

First the bench.

We had a big entertainment/bookshelf set up from IKEA for our old house but decided against using it in our new house. It was really big and was that ugly black/brown that I'm trying to slowly remove from my memory. But really - you can use any sort of bookshelf placed on its side.

IKEA HEMNES Wall/Bridging Shelf


But the separate pieces are solid wood and were in good shape. I knew I wanted to use the "bridge" bookshelf piece as some kind of bench, but it was just too low. The height is only about 14 inches - so you would be sitting REAL low.

My neighbor is building a deck and throwing away valuable wood that I am dumpster diving every day. Just a note here that we are BRAND NEW to this neighborhood and I cannot even imagine what my neighbors think of me as I take my daily trip to the dumpster and carry back piece after piece of unwanted wood.

Anyway, all of that to say - I have a lot of scrap wood in my garage right now.

I chose a big piece of white lumber that was thick, durable and I created a 3 sided box that my new bench to lie on top of. It provides height and some durability as well. I screwed the 3 pieces together and then screwed it into the bench.

I painted everything but the very top white with Rustoleum's White Linen Chalk Paint (a whole quart for only $16 at Home Depot!) 

I then chose random pieces of wood from my scrap pile to nail in to the top. These pieces weren't the same size at all but I wanted a rustic (and free!) look.

I then stained those.

This whole process (no joke) took me about 20 minutes. 

Now I knew I wanted a beautiful shelf/hook/wood piece above it. SO I looked again to my scraps of wood...

I just love all of the rustic shelves I see on Instagram that look like JoJo herself made BUT even those cute industrial looking hooks are just way too expensive. I found these awesome heavy duty hooks at Home Depot in the outdoor tool storage section for $9!! And the wood were scraps I got for free. So in love with how it turned out!

Everbilt Steel 20-3/4 in Hook and Rail

Buy it here through Home Depot.

I used my scrap wood (free!) to create an arrow type of shelf thing...

Most of the wood is screwed directly into the wall studs so this thing isn't going anywhere!

I just love how it all turned out. What do you think? Is this all worth $10 (a little bit of public humiliation)?