Can I do a free version of the pretty Mountain Mural in under 2 hours?

My son’s room has needed some love since…when did we move into this house again? His room is mountain themed and I loved the look of the mountain wall paper/decals I see online.

Something like this…


The Mountain Mural

What I was looking to copy.

I had a light blue paint, a grey paint and a charcoal paint, plus the paint I used on the walls.

Unlike the blogger above, I did not take 3 days. I took 2 hours and did not sketch anything beforehand. Her’s obviously looks more awesome than mine, but who has time for that?

So, please see my process in the time lapse video below.

My advice:

  1. Keep taking moments to step back and look at each layer of the mountains to make sure they look even across (but not too uniform.

  2. Choose paint colors that match the room already so you don’t have to think too much about mixing, just blend with the darker paint as you go down.

  3. And finally, start with the top lighter color and work down. I think this was the best advice for me since I wasn’t sketching it out beforehand.

I am happy with the results! And my son seems to love his new room, which is the best part of all.


The Results

Overall, I am happy!

Mountain Mural.png

Let me know what you think and what kind of mural projects you are dreaming up!